IoT App Buildout Part 1

In this advanced session we’ll show how Erlang can be used to do incredible things using the trendy “Internet of Things” (IoT) to drive our app buildout. Mock us for bowing to the latest fad, but IoT presents some serious challenges for application developers!

Our app has to serve “things” — so it has to super scalable
We’ll put it to the test by hammering it with an insane number of clients
“Things” generate tons of data, so we’ll have to deal with that
Oh, and it can’t go down, ever!
Mind blown? Too much for a single day you say? Remember, this is Chicago Erlang Workshop Edition! and no claim is too big!

In Part 1 we’ll kick off the application buildout. In Part 2 (the afternoon session — see below) we’ll tackle scalability, monitoring and hot code reloading.

21. September 2016 by Ylan
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