Chicago Erlang Workshop Edition and Mobile Hangout

Chicago Erlang Workshop Edition! is a one day, hands on workshop running two parallel tracks. If you’re new to Erlang and want the basics, check out Essentials. If you’ve got some experience with Erlang and want to go deeper, IoT App Buildout is for you!

Track 1 – Essentials

Led by Erlang authors and instructors Martin Logan and Fred Hebert, this track is tailored for programmers who are new to Erlang and want to lay a solid foundation.

Erlang Essentials Whirlwind tour of Erlang core concepts — includes the basics but with an emphasis on practical application. Distribution Put your Essential skills to the test by revving up Erlang’s distribution mode and using it to build a real life distributed app!
Track 2 – IoT App Buildout

Led by seasoned Web Scale engineers Brian Troutwine and Garrett Smith, this track takes you into the deep end of the pool with an Internet of Things (IoT) backend that features Erlang’s concurrency model and network support.

IoT App Buildout Part 1 Take your existing Erlang skills to a new level by tinkering with and then improving an Internet of Things (IoT) application. In Part 1 we’ll introduce the application and break it down.